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M/s. Goodluck Commercial Service (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has accepted the consignment from the consignor under the explicit understanding that the following terms and conditions are acceptable to the Consignor.

  1. All consignments are booked by the Company from the consignor in good faith in respect of the contents thereof. The consignment should not contain any such items or material which are prohibited or contraband by law. In the event of the consignment containing the said items or material, the consignor agrees and undertakes to indemnify the Company in respect of all claims made by third party in respect of the said items of material. Further, the said material or items sent by the Consignor shall be solely at the consignor's risk as to the costs and consequences thereof.
  2. Maximum sum of Rs. 15 may be paid in cash to the consignor as compensation if the document or article is lost or missed during transit. If an additional (cash) payment @ 1% of the value of the parcel is made at the time of booking. Claims will be settled within 15 days from the date of receipt of the same along with evidence of expenditure in obtaining the duplicate / invoice etc. However, Goodluck will not entertain any claim pertaining to loss of interest, profitability & goodwill under any circumstances.
  3. No claim will be accepted beyond a period of sixty days from the date of booking the consignment, nor any communication shall be entertained by the Company beyond the above period. Further, the consignor making any claims shall furnish the relevant material particulars in support of his claim.
  4. Any dispute arising between the parties as to the performance or non-performance of the foregoing terms and conditions shall be subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction only.
  5. The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, mis-delivery or non-delivery of the Consignment caused on account of act of God, force majeure occurance or any other cause reasonably beyond the control of the Company. No claim whatsoever on account of the above reasons shall be entertained by the Company.
  6. While the Company will endeavour to exercise its best efforts to provide expeditous delivery of the consignment in accordance with the regular delivery schedules, the company shall not under any circumstances be liable for delay in delivery of the said consignment, regardless of the cause of such delay. Further, the Company shall not be responsible for any consequences arising out of delay in delivery of the said consignment, and no claims whatsoever in that regard shall be entertained by the company at any point of time.
  7. The Company shall not book any consignments containing (a) Currency (b) gold (c) drugs (d) explosives (e) hazardous chemicals (f) bearer demand drafts and cheques (g) letters and personal mails (h) liquids (I) radioactive material (j) pornographic material (k) all contraband items (l) live animals and plants
  8. We don't accept postal envelops, post cards, inland & other items which infringes the Indian Postal Act 1898.
  9. The Company shall under no circumstances accept any bearer Drafts or Cheques. All drafts and cheques should be crossed Account Payee before booking the consignment, and the Company shall not be responsible for any mishap in respect thereof.
  10. The Company reserves its right to refuse delivery of any consignment if proper acknowledgement is not given, such as signature, company seal and date and time of delivery. Further, the address of the consignee should be given with pincode no. as well as the telephone number to enable prompt delivery and easy identification. No post box address shall be entertained by the company. Further no proof of delivery shall be given by the company in respect of tenders and Government documents.
  11. In the event, the company is required to pay octroi or any levies in respect of the consignment booked by the Consignor the same shall be paid forthwith by the consignee, failing which, the company shall be within its right to withhold the delivery of the said consignment.
  12. The Company reserves the right to entrust the goods to any other transport for carriage.

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